World Buffs Are NOT An Exploit!

  • In this video, I provide my retorts to Defcamp, Melderon, and Taladril's video, World Buffs are an Exploit! In my opinion, world buffs are a great part of end game PvE raids content and world PvP!

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    Before watching: They are NOT an exploit, but they ARE TERRIBLE for the game.

    If I die on the first trash pull of a raid can I even raid anymore? Will I be able to hold threat off these fully buffed DPS machines? Random mage dies, raid leader kicks him and gets another mage who was logged out with full world buffs. Opposite, random mage dies, rage logs because he doesn't want to raid without world buffs. You yourself posted a video where the mages didn't sheep in ZG and the tank died on the first pull and left (even though he did find a replacement for himself).

    My main contention is world buffs encourage the best way to play the game is to be logged off the game. If world buffs could be bought with gold then sure, but you cannot farm world buffs on your own personal schedule, or even on your guild's schedule. World buffs will not work the same on classic as they do on private servers, and in order to get the dragonslayer buff for your raid, you will require 2 heads, since you will have to drop one at Noon to make sure its ready to go at 6pm. It will create a toxic environment where people will start intentionally dropping heads at 3/4 in the afternoon to troll raids. If my guild gives me the ony head, I am turning it in as soon as I get to Stormwind, and next thing I know I get kicked from my guild and can't find a group for anything because I am THAT GUY that messed up everyone else's world buffs.

    We do not know what the devs intended, and I actually go case by case on this, the devs almost certainly did not intend for 5 people to clear a DM tribute to cycle an entire 40 man raid through, but when a buff affects everyone nearby in the group or not, then that is clearly intended for them to be used for anything. Which is why I think they are not an exploit.

    While watching: A group of 5 with sapper charges can take out an entire 40 man raid if they have the element of surprise, no matter how well coordinated the raid is at sticking together, in fact that makes it easier to kill more people quickly if the only goal is ganking to remove buffs. I feel like guilds will be made with the sole intent of killing raids with world buffs.

    I think there will be 2 extremes for guilds that require world buffs, the super hardcore and the super casual. The hard core is obvious but I am of the opinion that the more casual a guild gets the more likely they are to require world buffs with a "we only have 1 raid night, we need to be as efficient as possible in that limited time" reasoning.

    I still think because of the ICD on world buffs in classic it will be significantly harder to get them logging in 30-60 minutes before a raid without a coordinated effort to make sure a head is available. It will also force guilds to change raid times as if a guild always drops a head for a 6pm raid when their raid time is at 7pm they are SOL. They could have potential to be great for targeting specific bosses (aka modern wow vantus runes) but the same protections stopping 100% uptime stop this as well.

    Was not expecting you to agree with disabling buffs in raids for a limited time, also did not know private servers did that. That would eliminate all my concerns but as you said that wasn't how it was in 2004.

    Loved that story at the end! Very cool.

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    For me, I never bothered with world buffs beyond the Dire Maul buffs or Onyxia heads (if we had one at the time). There are other ways to prepare for a raid that are more time-friendly. I can collect potions, flasks, other consumables, and even alternate gear at my own pace during the week, while I can only get the world buffs immediately before a raid, and sometimes that's too time-intensive.

    I understand the world buff appeal, but coordinating the world buffs with 40 people is almost more stressful than completing the raid itself. I hope there's a guild named <No World Buffs> somewhere.

  • @Darks_end sorry for the late comment. But I totally agree with you. I also really stand by the fact that the game is easy to begin with to add wbuffs at launch further trivialises it.