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    Greetings, fellow Shaman! Melderon here.

    In this video guide, I go over how to effectively tank as a Shaman. Yes! How to tank as a Shaman! There are a lot of built-in mechanics that allow Shaman to effectively tank 5-man content in Classic WoW.


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    Abilities & Talents

    Earth Shock which has a 2.0X threat modifier

    Rockbiter Weapon which adds a static increase of threat to each swing

    Stoneskin Totem which reduces the physical damage you take

    Grace of Air Totem which increases your critical strike chance, dodge chance, and armor through Agility

    Stoneclaw Totem which can "taunt" enemies in a pinch

    Shield Specialization, in the enhancement tree, which increases the amount you block and block chance

    Toughness, in the enhancement tree, which increases the armor contributions of your gear

    Anticipation, in the enhancement tree, which increases your dodge chance

    Parry, in the enhancement tree, which allows you to have a chance to block an incoming melee attack

    In this guide, I go over how you can use these abilities and talents to your advantage to effectively tank as a Shaman player.


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    I hope you enjoyed watching this guide and I also hope you've learned that Shaman can definitely tank 5-man content with a bit of research. Let me know below in the comments if you have any questions or concerns.

    Peace, my Shaman brothers and sisters. May the ancestors be with you.

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    Defcamp and Melderon are two brothers that love Classic WoW and are dedicated to providing high quality guides, podcasts, and other content for the Classic WoW community.

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  • As some1 who's been watching everything i can find on shamans in vanilla / classic, this is another great video to add to my collection.
    I've tanked as a shaman myself in mid-high level dungeons, but i've yet to tank lv 60+ dungs as a shaman. I can tell u that it's great fun, people were extremely surprised as i did it before all of these videos started popping up (when Northdale was still new) but i have to admit that it's wonderful to see all of these guides popping up. It all really shows how versatile the shaman can be and how much u can do with their talent trees.

    I still do not understand why Force Reactive Disk is considered to be a better pre-bis item than Draconian Deflector when comparing the defensives. (U ranked disk higher in ur video and i havn't gotten a reply yet)

    Why are u prioritizing points in Ancestral Knowledge over Shield Spec, imo, Shield Spec should prove a lot more beneficial in the survival since it blocks more damage and more often, we also need to keep in mind that a block can never be a crit, thus, technically bringing u closer to becoming uncritable (if possible at all for shamans in classic). I can see the need for mana.

    I have a hard time justifying 5 points into Toughness. I absolutely understand that armor is needed for a more reliable damage taken as the armor reduces by a flat amount and that the shamans have no skills similar to bear gaining a big boost from armor on leather gear, but it's still just 10% from ur gear. Might be me undervaluing the armor u gain from the talent, but would still love to get an answer on this 🙂

    Other that those questions, i'm very pleased with the video as a whole, there's tons of information that easier to digest thanks to some explanation ontop of the regular written guide (which i've read). It's all great resources and i'm thankful for the video! Great job guys.