Resto-troubles as a fresh 60

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    Hey shamans!

    Back on Nostalrius, I happily levelled a shaman to 60, and immediately respecced into resto to start getting my pre-raid bis gear.

    Well at 60, I noticed life wasn't as fantastic as I thought it would be. Having mainly played priest, what struck me was I was going oom soo fast as a new shaman. I had only picked upp a few +mp5 pieces and about 150 +healing, with the rest being mainly int gear, but I went into Strat Live with my equally fresh 5-man group. Already at the first part with only skeletons and zombies, I went oom midfight in every pull and had to use mana pots like there was no tomorrow and I remember staring in panic at the mana tide totem CD-timer which seemed like it ticked down in slow-motion.

    Needless to say, our tempo was so slow as I had to drink between every pull and party members were close to dying so I didn't exactly instill confidence as a good healer usually do. I should say I am quite an experienced healer, having played both druid and priest, but the shaman felt so weak at fresh 60, especially compared to my recent experiences with playing a priest. Our tank had just specced prot and he was a capable player too so I don't want to blaim him.

    Later that day, we tried DM:W and we didn't complete it, mostly due to a lack of healing. Sure, some pulls there can be really tough, especially without shackle, but being really disappointed with the class, I rerolled priest and never looked back until now.

    I know that the shaman is an extremely capable healer, in several scenarios perhaps the best in the game, but my question is; have more of you had the same experience as I have and is this more or less what is to be expected at early 60?

    My problems could of course be due to me being fairly new with the class, but as I'd successfully healed all throughout the leveling process, and having previous healing experience too, I don't feel it was entirely just me being bad.

    I would be really glad to hear your thoughts about being a fresh 60, and also if you have any help to get past that painful start, as it right now is holding me back from playing shaman again.

    For the horde,

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    Cmon, no one have any help to offer?

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    @Phibbs Interesting. Just out of curiosity, have you spent time reading through Egregious's Resto guide on the site (The Rite of Healing). I think you may want to run through that a bit. I have not really had this experience. Could you be playing with a bad group? Perhaps not downranking properly? I feel like I would need more information

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    @Egregious any pointers?

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    What spells and ranks are you using the most? You don't regen out of combat nearly as well as priest etc so gulping between each pull is just normal shaman life.

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    Thank you both for getting back!

    I read Egregious guide when I was playing a shaman and I downranked the spells when I could. I think the main problem was that we had a new group, tank not specced properly as he was a fresh 60 too still with his fury spec. Since we had quite a bit of experience (not with shamans though) we likely just over-pulled, and with no decent healing gear and out-of-cast-regen not working as I was used to, it was just too much. I remember not being able to downrank as the tank, and sometimes dps, were just taking too much damage.

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    Sorry, didn't see this question. I've been very busy between running my guild and working with Navak on our Leveling Guide.

    Most of it is likely due to the gear you collected while leveling and spell rank utilization. Additionally, can you link the spec you are using, what rank(s) of HW you are using, and what your stat distribution was approximately?

    Most of what you're going to want to be doing is mid rank HW back-to-back cast canceling only when the spell would be over 50% overhealing. You will have to drink basically every pull, this is just part of being a Shaman, so that's not on you. Keep Ancestral Healing procced on the tank while maintaining a 3/3 Healing Way stack. Roll that Healing Way between pulls by throwing out a HW r1 right before you drink and right after you come up from drinking. Utilize Grounding Totem and ES r1 to mitigate damage taken it's far more mana efficient to do so than it is to use mana to heal the damage that would be taken. Drop Stoneclaw and Earthbind to control lose mobs. As a Shaman, you are semi-offensive, reactively healing will only get you so far.

    Resto Shaman with no gear are pretty underwhelming for emergency situations. Sounds like your group was putting extra strain on itself and on you.

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    Thanks for taking time to post, @Egregious .
    I agree it was mostly due to the gear, both my gear and my tank's gear. As this was in early/mid Nostalrius days, I can't link the gear, but it was 70% +int gear, and the other half preraid bis. I think it was 100-150 +healing and about +20-25 mp5. The spec I used was deep resto, incl. Mana Tide Totem.

    Appreciate all the tips you gave, I think especially the ones with being proactive will help most, the things a shaman can do in this regard is a big difference compared to what a priest can do.


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