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    • ETS will be a newly formed Semi hardcore/progression Alliance guild come Classic Launch (PvP server to be announced) I personally have been playing since Vanilla. Clearing all content from MC-Nax 40. 4 horseman was where I hit my first wall with both raiding guilds in classic. I was in a top US 50 guild from BC-Cata. 12xGlad across 3x multi classes. OG rank 14. I will be building a strong raiding foundation going into classic. At this time my main focus is get people who are serious on hitting max level relatively quick. Ones that are interested in taking part in officer roles even assisting or main raid leading. I am not recruiting a full roster at this time as lets face it. Most people will not level at the speed I would be happy with or just plan on being casual which is not my focus at this time. Raiding schedule will be 4x a week. Raiding time will be 8:30-11:30 Eastern time Tues,Wed,Thur,Friday. Most likely only raiding 2 days till later content rolls out.

    Current Recruitment

    • Open - Paladin (holy) (1xret )

    • Open - Druid (1xFeral)

    • Open - Priest (holy/disc) (1xShadow)

    • Open - Rogue

    • Open - Warrior (dps)

    • Open - Warlock

    • Open - Mage

    • Open - Hunter

    I would like to stress that we are Always looking for exceptional applicants regardless of class.

    Please don't hesitate to apply if you feel you meet this criteria.

    What we expect:

    • Come fully prepared(Consumables/Spec) for every raid

    • Have endgame raiding experience or strong desire to learn

    • Can take constructive criticism

    • Good sense of humor

    • Knowledge of Class, inside and out

    • Must have Discord, DBM or Bigwigs, omen

    • Stable Internet Connection (this is a must have)

    • Up-to-date Computer (No Tandy 2000's please) This is classic, doesn't mean your pc has to be.

    • Active, mature, competent members who want to progress (we are looking for dedication)

    • Gear & Ability to perform in all content

    • Desire to be apart of a stable raiding team (Need, drive, self-motivation, and eagerness to be raiding)

    • Desire to learn new content (we live for progression, fight to be top on our server and desire to be better than we currently are)

    • Don't give up, willing to give 125% every raid.

    • Must be able to meet at least 90% of our raids.

    How do we do loot:

    • We will be using a loot council system. There will be a total of 5 members handling loot council. If someone is not there the GM will step in and take care of the missing link.(Loot#*!@#s need not apply) There is no favoritism going on. This is not a gear your friends kind of loot system. Players that preform, show up and have a impact on the raid group will get the gear it's that simple. Doesn't matter if you're an officer or someone who doesn't talk much. Everyone is on equal ground. That simple.

    What we offer:

    • Helpful/Friendly guild members

    • Experienced guild leaders/officers

    • Relaxed Raiding Environment (tend to laugh and make my cheeks sore)

    • Loot council(Trial Members will still be able to win gear based on our progression of earlier raids)

    • Officers can evaluate individual performance

    • Competent Leadership

    • Consumables, All consumables will be able to be crafted by guild members.

    • Stable guild focused on progression

    • Respect

    • Humor

    How to apply:

    • If you are interested in applying and feel you have what it takes, please add me on Bnet Excentric#1290 and or discord Excentric#0131

    Best Regards,

    Excentric- GM

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