<Trouble> [PvP Realm] CET [Horde] [PvE: Sun/Tue(/Wed) + PvP] (Semi-Hardcore)

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    <Trouble> [EU-Horde-PvP] is a community-driven, progression-focused, English-speaking raiding guild. We've been playing online games together for upwards of 15 years, and we've picked up a whole bunch of great players and good friends along the way. We have a wide array of players from all across Europe, and beyond, with varying different levels of experience.

    We have players who have reached high heights in both PvE and PvP across various expansions, but also others that have never even played vanilla WoW before. With this in mind, we are creating an inclusive guild where everyone is welcome, as long as they're enthusiastic and willing to play with us to the best of their ability.

    There will be no rush to level 60. We will begin raids as soon as we have the force to do so, but if it takes you a couple of weeks longer than other people, nobody cares. You will probably be able to join the early birds once you get there. Take your time; enjoy the experience.

    We will be raiding two nights a week (all times are in Server Time (CET)😞
    Tuesday 8:00-11:30 PM
    Sunday 8:00-11:30 PM

    Come Phase 3 (BWL), an additional raid night will be added to revisit older raid tiers:
    Wednesday 8:00-11:30 PM

    All participants are expected to bring their own consumables. You don't have to be doing top tier DPS/HPS, but you do need to respect the rest of the guild enough to bring what you need to be functional in a raid.

    Loot System
    Our loot system will be a very simple, closed bid DKP system with partial decay to help deter hoarding. Name a more iconic duo than loot council and drama.

    When the third raid day is introduced in Phase 3 (BWL), it is worth noting that it will NOT use the DKP system, and all items will be rolled (main-spec priority, as usual) between raiders who want them. The reason for this is that a lot of people in the guild can only raid two days a week, tops, and they should not feel like they have to come to this raid in order to keep up on DKP for the main tier raids.

    Like any other guild, we would prefer the dominant classes with meta specs. However, we do believe that the player comes above the class and spec in a lot of circumstances. If you're dedicated, positive and willing to listen, those things go an exceptionally long way.

    With that in mind, we are willing to give most people a shot, with the caveat that those classes and specs with a generally weak performance may find it harder to earn a permanent raid spot. If you are very confident in your ability to play an off-meta spec that isn’t listed below to an acceptable level, feel free to contact us:

    Druid - OPEN (Restoration)
    Hunter - OPEN (Marksmanship)
    Mage - OPEN (Frostbolt spam)
    Priest - OPEN (Holy)
    Rogue -OPEN (Combat/Seal Fate)
    Shaman - OPEN (Restoration)
    Warlock - OPEN (Shadowbolt spam)
    Warrior - OPEN (Fury/Prot)

    We’d love to answer any questions you may have. The best way to contact us is by joining our Discord:


    You can also talk to an officer directly on Discord by adding an officer to your friends list:

    JJ#5133, ianb#7738, Fugger#2372, blart blart blart#4655, Samszee#8393

    Or doing the same on Battle.net:

    JJWF#2321, Beanbag#1500, Fugger#2886, Minelaugh#1147, Samszee#2275

    Thanks for your time!

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