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    Cannabis has been used as a medicinal plant for hundreds, if not thousands of years by ancient and modern society. In this article, we will be discussing medical cannabis and the many products that are now available for you to use for your improved health and wellness benefits.

    In recent times there has been much media attention here in the United Kingdom about the laws that surround medical cannabis. Take for instance the story just last year that made headlines about Emma Appleby who had her daughters cannabis medicine she purchased in the Netherlands confiscated by customs at Heathrow when entering the UK. This follows a similar story of Charlotte Caldwell who also put pressure on the government and authorities for confiscating medicine used to treat her son's life-threatening seizures. The good news she had the medicine returned within a week and was able to treat her sons' seizures.

    One has to ask why so many people and parents are taking risky chances by importing medical cannabis when so much traditional medicine is available through doctors and prescriptions. Well, the easy answer is many people have already tried a variety of medicines that are recommended by the medical industry without much luck and are forced to look at alternatives such as cannabis.

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