Raiding Meta: Shrinking Raids - An Alternative to Speedruns

  • Warrior Alliance Partner

    I did not play an P-servers, but as an outsider it appears the popular thing to do once you have full Naxx gear is to try and clear raids as fast as possible. That does not really interest me, so I am wondering if there is a meta for clearing raids with the fewest possible raiders. 3 man Onyxia, 8 man MC, 10 man Nef, 25 man KT. Is this sort of thing possible? Was this something people attempted on P-servers just with less popularity than speedruns? Where are those limits of how many people you can drop and still clear content?

    I remember the first time I soloed Magtheridon and Leotheras at level 80, and watching people run old raids in modern WoW and everything just falling over because of the stat squish just makes me sad.

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