EU | Druid | Alliance | PvP | CET | Casual - mostly grinding mobs on launch day and evenings after up to 30

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    NE Druid looking for someone to grind mobs with for the first couple of days. By this I mean grinding 1-3 targets at a time, not AoE grinding as those spots will likely be taken.

    We can be in the same Discord channel, but I'm also fine if we both just chill muted while listening to some audiobooks or podcasts.

    Will be rolling on the first server with a 'D' in the name.

    Launch day: full day, starting in the morning, with sufficient breaks.
    The days after: ~1-3 hours from 19:00CET ish
    Launch weekend: most of the weekend, let's see what's suitable.

    If you're interested, my Discord is Vogz#3408. Please don't apply if you intend to be frequently AFK during grinding, while the grinding shouldn't be stressful, I do want to minimize downtime between mobs.

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    Realm will 95% be Golemagg, only when there are multiple hour queues for several days in a row will my guild move to Gehennas.

    I tested on Vanilla the mobs we will grind from 1 to ~53, mainly focusing on mob spawns in quieter areas of zones, preferably without quests drawing people there to maximize the chill factor.

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    My guild and I will be going to Mograine due to the queue times on Golemagg.

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