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    <Dungeon Grind>
    We are building a guild full of duo levelers including duo pairs, spell cleavers and melee cleavers. We are closing in on 100 members. Many of our teams are missing their final players to round out their comp.

    We provide you with the opportunity to access our spreadsheet of users and find someone to level with on your journey to 60. Whether you are a hardcore nolifer and need the last man to fill out your team of 5, or you are a casual guy looking for a friend to play with on weekends, we aim to link you with like-minded players.

    The strength of this opportunity is its guild format. The hardest part of leveling as a team, is finding 4 other committed players who adhere to the schedule and are reliable. The reality of running many cleave teams simultaneously is that some of them will inevitably fail, but this is actually our strength. By opting to roll with a guild of cleavers, you have the opportunity to salvage your team and collaborate with other partial teams to save your grind team.

    We have numerous perks, like level 1 alts that will be logged in at all times and can be added to your party to act as your 6th member and will convert to raid and reset to port your team back to the dungeon entrance in an effort to maximize your efficiency.

    Hit 60 fast, with your pre BiS and make lasting connections a long the way - consider dungeon grinding and consider <Dungeon Grind> NA.


    Special thanks to content creators like Kargoz who have brought awareness to this newly emerging meta.

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    We are filling up each and every day. Just added 2 new cleave teams to our roster yesterday who are looking for people to play with. We have 3 teams at the moment that are 1 member from filling. If you are a Warlock, Warrior or Feral you could potentially fill out those 3 teams. For anyone else, be sure to check us out as their are many teams still recruiting on the buildup to Classic.

    I also have quite a few duo guys looking for their partners.

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