<Datorspel> [HC] (Nordic) Alliance

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    Is recruiting all classes for Classic,
    DPS on priority.
    Datorspel is a nordic guild that has been managed by
    the same people since cataclysm, we peaked at 250
    world Blackhand mythic at 3d/w.

    -In Classic we will raid 2 days / week but aim for the
    same environment when we raid. Our raid times is
    wednesday 19:30-23:00 and sunday 19:30-23:00, this
    makes 2x ZG possible.

    -We will play Alliance on the same server as 19 other
    Nordic guilds that we have synced.

    Loot system
    -We use loot council, if you use consumables and put
    good logs we will give you loot, main goal is to have no
    loot leave the guild.

    What we expect from you
    -Pre-raid bis when we enter MC, should be a few weeks
    after release.
    -Mature attitude and capable to receive constructive
    -Mic that you use.
    -Stable internet conection.
    -Able to adapt fast to new challenges.
    -PVE talent build while raiding.
    -Able to extend the raid times if we are close to a kill and
    the management decides that we will keep going.
    -You are active in our discord and always be connected
    to voice while we raid.

    What you can expect from us
    -Serious management.
    -Structured raids.
    -Structured BGs
    -Structured World PvP and Worldbosses.
    -Big community where it's always possible to find
    someone for an adventure.
    -Democratic management.

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    Just curious.

    Are you looking for a MT? (Prot warrior).

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