Nostalgia - PvE Server - Horde EU Guild

  • About Us

    Founded by a group of friends during legion (Magtheridon) but no longer play due to the lack of interest in BfA, we are looking to recruit like-minded players into our primarily PvE focused guild for classic wow.

    Member Expectations

    Be nice to others, not just the guild but others on the server, don't ninja loot or be a prick in general. Try to help others where possible and most of all have fun.

    Within the guild our rules will be less strict, but in public channels and private instance runs we wish for you to be pleasant to interact with, as your reputation while in the guild also reflects on us.



    Currently not set in stone, but looking towards 'off-peak' raiding schedules, IE not Tuesday/Wednesday. This will be discussed once enough members eventually hit level cap


    We will use Master Loot like most guilds, we may choose to prioritise gear to a particular role or character, if this is the case it will be communicated clearly in discord prior to the raid so everyone is aware of the current guild priorities, this allows us to gear up our weaker area's if needed (leading to more kills and faster progression), if it is not needed then we will default back to a /roll based system for any non-prioritised loot pieces.


    We also have many members who are very active in PvP so on non-raid nights we will often form groups with a couple of people and join battlegrounds etc.


    We have a guild discord where we can hang out and chat, even when not actually playing wow we often just join general channels to chill, we aim to have a laugh on here, but our humour can be quite dark, so don't join the nsfw channel unless you are not the type of person who can get offended.


    If the above sounds like the guild for you, then please get in touch with me on discord: PrivateSniper#5076

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