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    Website: prideofthealliance.com (Please checkout it will give a better idea of what we’re about!)

    Pride of The Alliance is a guild formed originally in Legion. We live up to our name, we have that deep faction Pride, and love World PvP. We defend our cities, respond to calls for help and of course, take the fight to Horde cities on the regular. Large, but involving guild, many people have made great friendships here.

    Who are we?:
    We are the front line defense in Stormwind. We are the first strike against the Horde. Guilds want to be the first one in Molten Core? We want to be the first to take over Orgrimmar and slay the Warchief. We’re a guild that loves World PvP/PvP. PVE? We raid/gear to kill horde. We play the game for the Warcraft. We’re the Pride that lives in our Alliance.

    We gear to kill Horde faster 😉 in all seriousness we do not plan to be a hardcore serious raiding guild, we plan to get Onyxia down weekly, and dip into Molten Core and other raids and “see what happens” and how difficult things are and adjust from there.

    What we look for:
    People who have a love for the game, a love for their faction, and want to join a guild that fights the good fight in Warcraft. We don’t tolerate disrespect, we’re here to enjoy the game and escape reality for a bit. We are looking for people to world pvp with us, and be that fighting force on our server. In short, we expect you to be involved with the guild!

    How to join?
    Join our discord and I will reach out to you: discord.gg/fenqRvb
    Or add my discord: Valduren#2566

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