Know the Process of Activate a Cash App card

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    In the present time, the online money transactions have become a norm and a large number of users are making payments digitally. The Cash app is one of the top payment apps and is very popular among the users known for advanced features like a direct deposit on Cash App and activate Cash App card. The cash app is a virtual wallet that allows you to transfer and receive money online. All the active Cash users can take the advantages of Cash cards and Cash App card has provided autonomy to those who do not have access to traditional bank cards due to a battery or network problems.
    A Cash card is separate from your personal debit card. And if you are an active Cash App user you can also get a Cash App card it is important for you to know that the Cash app card is only activated to Cash app, not to the bank. To use this card, you must know [how to activate a cash app card](link url). You need to first do a Cash App login and very easy to sign up for a Cash app. Here the steps that you need to take to sign up:

    1. Download the Cash app in your iPhone or Android device
    2. Then open the app and enter your mobile number or e-mail ID. After this, you will get a confirmation code.
    3. By following the prompts, link your bank account with Cash App. After this, you can send and receive money using the app.
      How to activate my Cash app card?
      For Cash App card activation there is process is a process that you need to follow. First of all, you need to order Cash App card to use it by opening Cash App and select the Cash Card or on the Dollar Amount visible at the top of screen and then select Get Cash Card. After this, you need to enter your personal information and the shipping address. As the last step, you are required to sign and draw something to be laser etched onto your card. You will get Cash App card within a few days however you will not be able to use the card for this you will have to activate Cash App card.
      And following are the steps that you need to follow to for Cash App card activation:
      • Install Cash App in your mobile phone and open it
      • Then you need to select the icon of Cash Card at the bottom of the screen.
      • Select the option of “Activate Cash App Card” to initiate the Cash card activation process
      • Next you will be asked to scan the QR Code on the Cash Card by using your mobile camera.
      • Now focus on the QR code with the camera until it is scanned properly by the Cash App. After the successful alignment of the QR code, your Cash App Card is ready to use.

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