[H][EU PvP] <Recurve> - Semi-Hardcore PvE & PvP

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    Recurve is a guild made up of a group of old school and long-time players who have experience in every raiding tier from original vanilla to current and past mythic progress. We’re searching for members to build a raiding team to have some fun clearing the content and PvP’ing.

    If you’re worried about our street-cred, I myself was an officer of two different server-first guilds during vanilla and have run a few successful guilds inbetween then and now on live. The others are alright too.

    We’re pretty laid back and looking for players who are chilled out and want to progress in the game, but we still expect a decent level of play from our members. You don’t have to make every raid, you don’t need to farm for hours before each one. We’re not going for speed clears here, we’d much rather have a laugh while we get some loot and go for logs.

    We have a relaxed raid atmosphere and don’t care if people make mistakes as long as they learn from them, if you don’t, you can expect some jokes about it for the rest of your WoW career.

    Raid Times:

    Thursday - 20:00-23:00 ST
    Sunday - 20:00-23:00 ST


    We’re brand new, so open to all classes (we’ll be allowing meme specs)

    What we require:

    Mature and respectful attitude in guild and raids.
    Good attendance
    Turn up prepared to the raid (food buffs and flasks)
    Discord (voice chat)


  • Sounds very good, will you put up witch server you be on before name reservations?

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    Good morning. Casual player on Razorgore, Pretty decent hunter(lvl 60) looking for pvp action. I have not completed any raids yet, having a family been tough to commit the time needed to raid. However I can play 2-3 hours most evenings for Battlegrounds and World PvP. + I can add my incredible charm and witty humour to the guild chat! 😛

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