<Call to Chaos> [Alliance] [NA-PVP] [2-3 weeknights] Semi-Casual

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    Why Semi-Casual? Because the expectations I have of my guildmates is somewhere between what I've seen from Semi-Hardcore guilds and Casual guilds.

    Call to Chaos is looking for players who want to have fun experiencing everything that Classic has to offer with other like-minded players. We are primarily a raiding guild, and we will be doing PVP on the side. If you dont want to raid, or pvp, or either, then you are still welcome to join our community as a social member.

    Our expectations for raiders who want a permanent raid spot:
    80% attendance
    Respond well to constructive criticism
    Learn from your mistakes
    Pull your weight

    Our Raiding Schedule:
    Monday - 9pm - 1am EST
    Tuesday - 9pm - 1am EST
    Thursday - 9pm - 1am EST
    We don't expect to use 3 days each week, or 4 hours each day. We will put in more time when new content drops, and less time when the content has been around for a month or two. The above schedule is the maximum.

    Our PVP Schedule:
    TBD - Likely on the weekends

    If this sounds like something you are interested in, HIT ME UP! You can message me on Discord (Renegado#5280) or drop me a line here with how you would like to get in contact. I am always happy to answer questions.

    For the Alliance!

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