<Encore> |Horde-Thalnos| {Wed & Thurs, 8-11:30} (Recruiting Raiders & Social Players)

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    Encore is a Horde raiding guild launching on Thalnos. Our raids will run Wednesday and Thursday, from 8pm EST to 11:30pm EST. After the release of BWL in phase 3, a third raid night dedicated to previous tier farm content, and 20-man raids will run on Sunday, from 8pm EST to 11:30pm EST. We are not competing with any other guild on our realm for progression first kills. What we offer are well organized raids on a lighter schedule led by highly experienced, level-headed players. We have clearly defined goals for the raid team, and as a community we work to help members exceed these goals while maintaining enjoyment of the game as the first priority. We have dedicated officers who manage guild bank logs, raid logs, loot records, a raiding roster, a signup-calendar, various help channels, and other community systems. Our discord is extensive, with resources to help you form groups, gear up, earn gold, get attuned, and more. Distribution of loot in raids is governed by the EP/GP system (Effort Points & Gear Points). Encore's effort point system incentivizes raid attendance, and punctuality. Class priority on a narrow range of exceptional BiS raid epics, and player priority for legendary weapons will be established before the first raid.

    Recruitment is open to all players. If your aim is to clear current raid content, or you're just seeking out an active community of experienced players to level and pvp with, we welcome you to join with us.

    To apply, begin by first filling out this short form. https://forms.gle/UwKYaZwgfzCAJiMYA

    Then join our Discord server. https://discord.gg/RSnmaad

    You are also welcome to reach out to guild management directly.

    Bnet: Delphi#1393 Discord: Delphi#4818

    Bnet: Ormaz#1693 Discord: Ormazd#9157

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    We're getting lots of great recruits.

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    We're getting new people joining up every day. Many positions still available. Actively seeking all classes.

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    We're rapidly growing and seeking some amazing shaman and druids to join us.

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    Encore is still searching for Restoration Shaman, Mages, and Rogues!
    Please fill out an application at https://forms.gle/UwKYaZwgfzCAJiMYA if you're interested!

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