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    @@+1-855-653-0624@@ %%Delta Airlines cancellation and refund policy 2021. Changing or canceling your flight has historically been a hassle, sometimes with fees that cost more than the airfare itself. With the pandemic shaking up the travel industry, carriers such as Delta Air Lines have made it easier to change and cancel your flight.

    Delta is waiving all change and cancellation fees for all flights booked until March 30, 2021. Even better, change fees are permanently eliminated for domestic and international tickets (except basic economy).

    If your travel plans have changed, this extensive guide will walk you through canceling or changing your Delta flight and the potential fees you can expect to see. @@+1-855-653-0624@@ %%Delta Airlines cancellation and refund policy 2021.

    Delta change and cancellation fees
    Delta Air Lines has made several changes to its change and cancellation policy, accomodating for the pandemic. Overall, these policies have loosened up, allowing for wiggle room depending on the type of ticket you've purchased.

    The 24-hour risk-free cancellation period
    Delta's 24-hour risk-free cancellation period allows you to cancel any Delta flight within 24 hours of your booking and receive a full refund with no fees attached. This includes basic economy fares, which typically are non-refundable in most other circumstances. You can cancel your flight on Delta's website or app at any time within these 24 hours in just a few clicks.

    Delta's Peace-of-Mind Purchasing waiver
    All tickets purchased on or before March 30, 2021 — including basic economy fares — are subject to Delta's Peace-of-Mind Purchasing waiver. This means you won't incur change fees for up to a year from the original purchase date. If you'd like to cancel your flight instead, you can receive an eCredit toward a new ticket, good for one year from the original issue date.

    Delta waves change and cancellation fees for existing flights through March 2021
    Because of the pandemic, Delta has made some exceptions for a few existing flights. If you purchased any tickets before April 17, 2020, for travel until March 30, 2021, the change and cancellation fees are waived. You can rebook or cancel your flight for travel until Dec. 31, 2022.

    Change fees permanently eliminated for domestic and international fares
    One of the most significant changes Delta has recently made is permanently eliminating change fees and award redeposit fees on tickets purchased for travel within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    These fees are also eliminated for international travel originating from North America, including SkyTeam-operated flights and codeshare partners. Fare differences will apply. However, basic economy fares are exempt, as these tickets are both non-refundable and non-changeable.

    Previously, Delta's change fees for purchased tickets were $200 per ticket. This is an exciting, customer-friendly amendment moving forward, allowing much more flexibility than ever before.

    All other tickets purchased after March 30, 2021
    For all other tickets purchased after Delta's Peace-of-Mind waiver expires, the standard policies apply. Also, you will not be allowed to change or cancel any basic economy tickets after the 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy.

    Delta SkyMiles award tickets change and cancellation fees
    Terms similar to those listed above apply for SkyMiles award tickets, but there's a bit more flexibility. Since you're paying with SkyMiles rather than with cash, you're able to get your miles back in most cases. All award tickets incur no change and cancellation fees.

    If canceling your flight, your SkyMiles will be redeposited into your account. The only exception is for basic economy tickets, which cannot be changed at any time after the 24-hour risk-free cancellation period. This fee is waived for Diamond and Platinum Medallion members.

    Finally, Delta has eliminated its 72-hour change and cancellation window. Now, you can cancel or change your award ticket at any time leading up to your flight.

    How to change or cancel your Delta flight
    If you need to change or cancel your Delta flight, you can go ahead with this process without getting in touch with a representative you can cancel your flight at any time on Delta's website or app.

    If you're already logged onto your Delta SkyMiles account, your trip should automatically be linked to your account. Otherwise, you will need to locate your trip using your flight confirmation number.

    This information can be found in your email, along with your flight receipt and details.
    Once you find your confirmation number, you can use this information to locate your trip on Delta's website or app. Enter your confirmation number, first name, and last name to pull up the complete details of your flight.

    Once you successfully locate your trip, you'll find a red button that reads "Modify Flight" in the upper right-hand corner. Click this to start the change or cancellation process.
    Once you click this button, Delta will present two options to start either a flight change or a flight cancellation.

    How to change your Delta flight
    If you're looking to change your existing flight and find a new one instead, you can change the origin or departure airports, as well as the departure date. Toggle the options, and Delta will present you with the same screen as if you're booking a new flight from scratch.

    You'll see the times, fare classes, and prices for each flight. Once you find a better flight that works for you, you can finish the check-out process.
    If the new flight costs more, you'll pay the difference. You will then complete the flight change process and finish checking out as if you're booking a new flight.

    Once you pay for any fare differences, you'll receive a confirmation email that your flight change is complete with your new flight details.

    How to cancel your Delta flight
    Once you click the "Start Flight Cancellation" button, you must confirm the flight you want to cancel.

    After pressing "Continue," you'll see another screen confirming your flight details. If you're ready to cancel your trip, press "Cancel Trip" in the lower right-hand corner.

    After a few moments, you'll receive a screen that your trip has been canceled, along with a confirmation email. The email will have further details with your cancel authorization code and information about getting your refund to the original payment method.

    How to avoid Delta change and cancellation fees
    While Delta has largely updated its change fee policy, fees still apply in many scenarios. As a reminder, here are some ways you can avoid Delta change and cancellation fees when booking your next flight:

    Cancel within Delta's 24-hour risk-free cancellation period. All airlines are subject to this rule as administered by the Department of Transportation. You can cancel your ticket within 24 hours.

    Purchase a refundable fare. When searching for fares on Delta's website, simply click "Refundable" to see a list of fares that are refundable for any reason. While these fares will cost you much more than nonrefundable tickets, they won't incur any change or cancellation fees — which can sometimes cost more than the airfare itself.

    Hold Delta elite status. Gold Medallion members and higher enjoy waived same-day change fees. Diamond and Platinum Medallion members enjoy waived change fees for award travel, which typically cost $150.

    Watch out for schedule changes. As airline demand has changed dramatically over the past year, your flight may be rescheduled or even canceled. In the event of either happening, you may be eligible for a complimentary flight change or cancellation. For tickets issued after Aug. 17, 2020, a delay of 120 minutes or more, a change in the routing of the original flight, equipment, or a misconnect or an outright cancellation qualifies for waived fees. You'll receive an email with options to change or cancel your flight.

    Contact Delta customer service for any extenuating circumstances. While any other reasons aren't posted on Delta's website, you should contact customer service if you need to cancel for any extenuating circumstance.@@+1-855-653-0624@@ %%Delta Airlines cancellation and refund policy 2021.

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