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    @@+1-855-653-0624@@ American airlines manage booking @@+1-855-653-0624@@ American airlines manage booking Here’s all the information that you need to make your managed booking experience with American Airlines a perfect one. But still, in case you have any issue regarding the services they provide online. You can make a call online. Our executives will be happy to help you out. Or you can directly contact treknova.com to get out any services done. American Airlines manage booking If you have booked your travel through aa.com or American Airlines Reservations, or booked travel by a travel agency or any travel website (changes can be made through an agent or website), you can change your reservation online. Your travel is from the United States. If you did not use any AAdvantage awards/promo codes to book or join a group booking, you can make changes. The last change is that you must leave at least 3 hours before the flight. To make the required changes you need to go to My trips/ Check-in on the home page and find the reservation. After claiming for your reservation and continuing with the Change trip option. However if your reservation cant access the Change trip option, you are recommended to contact reservations here. Steps to change/cancel your trips online Find your trip. You need to enter your 6-character confirmation/Record Locator. You can find your Record Locator in the confirmation email that you received while booking your trip. Those who are members of AAdvantage® can log in to their account and search for upcoming trips. AAdvantage member Choose from the toolbar. Select ‘Change Itinerary’ / ‘Cancel Itinerary’ in the top toolbar, and then follow the prompts. After confirming the ticket, please call the airline to book. When making a telephone reservation, you need to provide a 6-character ticket confirmation letter. The ticket number can be indicated next to the cancellation email, confirmation email received when purchasing the ticket, credit card statement, reference number, or on the given receipt displayed at the bottom of the airport. The middle of the ticket. For American tickets, there is a 13-digit number which begins with ‘001’. You need to know that there are other ticket numbers which are as an add-on like seats, upgrades, and bags. Check your email. When you finish your change, we’ll get a confirmation email that has your ticket number. Save it for the time that you are going to rebook your flight. Checked bag policy bag fees are all non-refundable and employed per person. While you upgraded or bought your free checked bag and you felt that you are getting charged incorrectly for free checked bags, you need to contact to American representative to get support or refund your money within 45days. Baggage allowance quantity In some of the options, there are seasonal and bag restrictions. To know more about you need to check here. Up to 10 bags. if your trip is Domestic/Transatlantic or Transpacific Up to 5 bags if the trip is from/to or through Mexico / Caribbean / Central America, South America, or Brazil. Weight and size. The airline calculates the size of your bag with the total outside dimension per bag, in their length, height, and width which is the same for all regions and the measurement is for Dimension (62 in / 158 cm), Weight (50 lbs / 23 kgs) and For First / Business, weight with (70 lbs / 32 kgs) Learn more about the baggage policy here. Seat selection. You can select your preferred seat for fee-free while booking/ buying a Preferred seat in a better or a Main Cabin Extra seat with some advantages you can select your preferred seat while booking your ticket or once you have done your booking and need to change your seat, you can buy a Main 1cabin Extra seat, however, those who have a Basic Economy ticket still can apply to change their seat. You can purchase the Main Cabin Extra by the reservations, selected travel agencies or self-service kiosks. In case you have a credit card saved in the AAdvantage® profile, you are able to purchase the reservations on American Airlines Mobile App. American Airlines refunds policy You are allowed to use the value of the unused ticket and seat payments of yours for a future trip. The airline is sending emails to the passengers with the information that you can rebook the trip. The airline checks the American Airlines cancellation request and once it gets approved you will be approached by American airlines within 7 days. It also has American Airlines AAdvance gold status. Refunds request/status check Once customers bought the ticket from American Airlines, they can ask for the refund of; Baggage fees Pet fees (pet policy) Priority Preferred seats Main Cabin Extra seats Same-day flight change The ticket of a deceased passenger However, those who bought a ticket from a travel agent/ website, need to contact them for refund help. For more details related to the refund policy, you need to check here. You can also get crazy discounts over American airlines, Checkout these Airfare discounts on American Airlines. We are Treknova, an independent & professional travel portal site. Our only goal is to help all travelers get peace of mind so that they can travel with confidence @@+1-855-653-0624@@ American airlines manage booking

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