Human Mage leveling guide - potential minor bug

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    On page 17 of the guide, it talks about grinding to 5410/6500 XP L9 - I was level 9 already when I hit this point in the guide. Level 9 does span 6500 XP points, so that lines up fine. However, on page 18 of the guide, it says DING 9, which implies I should have been level 8 for this grind. But lvl 8 requires less than 6500 XP points to ding up to 9, so that seems off too. Just FYI.

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    Thanks! I'll address this

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    Going with the mage thread I had a bug with the mage where after instructed to go to ashevail when you hit next on the last step it skips back to dark shore and when you get to the dark shore part of the guide you can not hit the back button to see previous steps.

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