Frostwolf Militia [Horde] RP-PVP, World Defense (Grobbulus Pacific Realm)

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    I'm just raising awareness for GP30 "Gaming Past 30." This is his guild. He is currently preparing a recruitment video and coming up with a charter. A quick rundown of what this guild is about.

    1. WPVP - Defense. It is priority for us to protect the homelands of the Horde as well as those green skinned brethren in need. Once we ding 60 and are able to connect to world defense, Frostwolf Militia will respond to invading alliance groups and gankers. Before 60, we will be doing grouped patrols of WPVP a fraction of each time we log in. Obviously, some of us want to level up quickly, so this required effort isn't expected to take up too much of each member's time.

    We chose the Frostwolf Clan because we believe its basic beliefs and tenants match our own. Community, family, and integrity outweigh power and success, although we can always strive for the proper balance of both. How does this relate to recruits? Acceptance. Need to take care of IRL family business? Go for it bro. Some of us are casual family men, some of us are lone hardcore players. Some of us will be play a couple of hours a day, and some of us will play for 12. We get it, and you won't be blacklisted, kicked, or punished somehow for getting your priorities straight. Want to roll a MEME Spec? Go for it! We'd rather you have fun playing your class the way you want and stick around then force you to min/max and feel like you have to follow a recipe. If you have our back and if you can have the back of your fellow Horde, you can spend your levels laughing with us. We're very casual, but as stated, we also have members who plan to raid and grind if you are interested.

    We hope to be a problem for the alliance. As far as accolades go, we just want Frostwolf to be a concern for every 5 man travelling to WC, SFK, etc. We want them to have to plan for us as we hold down UBRS for partnered clans so they can get into the instance and get the job done. We want that level 22 shaman who is about to rage quit because he's being corpse camped by three gnomes for half an hour to know he has support in this world..... of.... of Warcraft..... See what I did there?

    If this sounds like the style of play you want for launch, come find us on Discord under Gaming Past 30 or on Youtube, Twitter, Discord, or Twitch.

    I will update this post a little more further once Server names are announced.

  • Warlock Druid Horde

  • Warlock Druid Horde

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