Night elf leveling guide feedback.

  • Initiate

    Got to lvl15 in the stress test, no complaints but when I decided to see how far I could get I noticed one of the next steps suggested killing the Den Mother (lvl19).
    As a rogue with two green daggers, evasion and lesser healing potion I could not kill her. I took care of the little bears beforehand but just couldnt 1v1 with the Den Mother.
    This was the one and only time I died.

  • Founder Warrior Horde

    Bahaha yeah I skip the Den Mother when I do solo Warrior for that very reason. The guide is not currently displaying my notes I've written for many steps but I explain in the note to skip if you can't solo her and can't find a group.

    I was going to not include her at all but decided against it. The quest awards a good amount of XP for killing a single mob near where you are already questing. As for the difficulty, anyone can complete the quest if they find a group for it and some classes can even solo her.

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