Classic launch, how to quickly get out of the starting zones by skipping certain quests.

  • Priest Horde

    Yesterday I provided this link during Defcamp & Melderons stream.

    It will teach you how to get out of the starting zones quickly by skipping quests that are heavily competed for.

    The credits go to Yar TV who has been making this, since he is more Horde orientated not all the starting zones are already complete, but he is working on it, so check the ('this') link to see his progression.

    Hope it will help you like it did me during the stresstest.


  • Warlock Druid Horde

    My group decided to forego the entire starting zone. I will main as a Warlock but due to the imp quest, I'll just roll my warrior alt so we can split asap. We plan to grab the "Go to razerhill" quest, grind all the way there, and then grind back to Sen'Jin village so we can hopefully start grabbing the quests. We learned that when we skipped Sen'Jin, we out leveled everyone very quickly, but then about level 6 the quest turn in allowed everyone to catch up and pass us up by level 8. Seems the quests are worth more XP.

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