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    Great t' meet ya! In this video, I go over my impressions of the Stress Test and over the CWL leveling guide that helped me a ton in reaching level 15 in a few hours!


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    For those who prefer to read, here's a summary:


    So I was lucky to have time off to get into the stress test asap and it paid off for me. Compared to the last stress test, this one was much smoother. I was able to complete all the quests in the starting area, where in the last one, I had to rely on grinding more than anything else. I’d assume that the layering system was improved, and the dynamic spawns for NPCs in the starting areas was added. I remember competing with at least 50 people for the wolves in Coldridge Valley in the last stress test, but yesterday, there was about 20-30 players around me at most. So I must say that I enjoyed this experience more than last time, as I was able to complete quests at a decent pace and the world felt alive nonetheless.

    The only problem that I had was the loneliness when I got to Kharanos and forward as there wasn’t a lot of players present at that point. It really felt like I was playing on a private server where most of the population is already level 60 and running raids and dungeons, and it wasn’t all that fun and immersive past level 7 I’d say. But since it is only a stress test, I assume that a lot of people didn’t bother to take time off and some of them that were in took the time to setup their keybinds, addons, etc. So I am not worried about that as launch day will be different, there will be a lot more players to populate each layer. I just hope from the bottom of my heart that layering won’t stay beyond the first week or two as it will ruin the sense of community and immersion.


    But now I want to talk about a fantastic tool that I used during the stress test that allowed me to get ahead of the pack. And it is the leveling guide. This interactive leveling guide was created by Navak and Egregious, members of the community, and is designed for both Factions. If you want to play and Undead Warlock or a Night Elf Priest, no worries, this guide will help you! And it is also designed for solo, duo or trio leveling!

    • What differentiates this leveling guides from those I used in the past, is its format. Now I haven’t used many different guides or Joanna’s as I don’t play Horde but its interactive format is by far superior. You know exactly what to do and where to go, and when you place your cursor on the step you are at, it highlights it on the map. And if you click on a NPC’s name or an item, it will open up the classic wowhead page, which is neat to get additional information
    • The leveling guide is also clean and tidy. It doesn’t just tell you what to do and that’s it, it has different icons to help you see quickly what is needed to do. It has icons for handing in quests, picking them up, vendor and repair, train new spells, etc. So even if you are at a point where there are a lot of steps, you can still understand what’s going on and you won’t be lost in all the info.
    • A feature that is also very cool is the zoom on the map. If you see that multiple step icons are side by side, you can zoom in on them and you’ll be able to see exactly where to go for each of them. This is one of my favorite feature as it allows you to have both a close up and a general view of the zone.

    So that’s if for today, I hope you have enjoyed the stress test and that you will take a look at the leveling guide. You’ll see that it is completed up to level 15, that was obviously for the stress test, but there is more to come. A lot of work has been put into it so big shoutout to Navak and Egregious, show them some love and until next time guys, have a good one and stay blessed!