Will you go RP-PVP?

  • Priest Horde

    I am thinking about it, that my answer isn't a fully YES! is because I never RPed.

    Is the RP community willing to let you slide into RP, or is it must know before you join?
    Do you have to be in character all the time when using chat?

    Are they raiding, and with that I mean are they as fanatic as on non RP servers?

    I like the pro's of RP-PVP, but have no knowledge of the cons.

    Please tell me your pro's and con's and why you choosed to roll (or not) on the RP-PVP server in your timezone come classic.

  • Warlock Rogue

    From my experience on an RP server during some server downtime back in the day. They were pretty chill, so long as their immersion wasn't completely broken and you made a vague attempt to fit in. It isn't as over the top as some people make out but that's not to say all were like those guys.

    I imagine with only two RP server types this time round, things will very much be different, as all of them will congregate in the same place and you'll have varying degrees of how much they expect you to behave. Just do you and enjoy whatever effort you invest into that type of play, it really isn't for everyone but it was good fun for the hours we played there.

    Pro's - Fun, interesting and immersive.
    Con's - Difficult to fit in when not used to it, many complaints if you don't, it gets tedious if not in the mood.

    NOTE: Con's are mostly based off the moanings of guidlies who were there with us.

  • Priest Horde

    Thanks MagicMungo,

    I made all of my 3 characters on the RP-PVP server in the EU. Just hoping it can be my thing, and I can find a nice guild that want's to raid when 60.
    I am going to take my time, and am not hindered by a big "My Plans for Classic" list.

  • Warlock Rogue

    Zandalari Tribe guys seem super chill, so you should be good. A fair few of the PvP gangs have setup there to avoid the clusterbang that is Golemagg and Shazzrah after last nights disastrous name reservation, so you should have a mixed bag or hardcore and low-key RP'ers.

  • Warlock Druid Horde

    alt text

    Yesss... YEEEEEssss.... Gooooddd.

    We'll be there for sure. My first experience in an RP realm of any type nearly burned me for good. I was reported and shunned for not talking in character in the trade channel. This was back in 2005 though. I'm not SUPER into constantly typing everything out like I',m writing a biblical epistle, but the RP element can be casual if youw ant it to be. I'll participate, I'll toggle run/walk to some areas and /e some stuff for sure. The Frostwolf Militia will has a discord up because we'd like to keep most text in the game in character, but also understand the need to just talk naturally. The discord will allow us to say "Hell yeah man. I just got some pizza and the kids are down for the night. Let's do this" as an answer to "Dust though have a flagon for me and my mate?".

    It's a little extra optional fun to the game. Helps you get into the killing a little more, I think.

    Some tips if you choose to come to Grobbulus.

    1. Make sure you character names are RP. Don't make a name like "IstabbaYou" or "xXGanjaJohnXx." Come up with something that inspires fantasy and an older time. I take it pretty far and try to make names that fit the race and in the language of the race. My main, Gul'Ogar for example is mostly in Orc. Ogar means Death, I imagine Gul is in relation to the Troll word "Zul" which is suggested as two translated. The most evidence suggests it means "master of magic", like any caster class could select it and it make sense. A smaller crowd beleves it means, "Great" or "City" as in Zul'Gurub. " Great City of the Gurubashi. I went with Gul because Gul'Dan is metal AF and my favorite villain.

    2. Attempt to RP when not whispering a player. /s and /1 should be in RP, it just takes a little finesse.
      Question - "I dinged 15. What zone do I hit now? Do I go to Ashenvale or stay in Barrens?"
      RP Question - "I grow tired of the weak prey this land offers. Where might I find a REAL test of my strength? Where do the stronger alliance hide?"

    I would suggest rolling a toon you feel connected to. Think up a short backstory in your head of how that toon came to serve the Horde, how he got his profession/class. What he wants. Get them to level 10 and see if you like it. If it's not your thing, that's okay. In my experience with D&D, BESM, Pathfinder, Vampire, Etc... the more you are willing to BE the character and drop your own ego, the more fun it becomes. It can feel a little dorky at first, but hey, we are mostly adults playing a game that came out when we were kids. We're all a little dorky 🙂

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