[EU] [PVE] [Alliance] LFG / LFM 5 man dungeon leveling hc (melee cleave pref)

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    Hi, Im looking for a group to level with (melee cleave) on Mirage Raceway (flexible as well), alliance side.
    About myself:
    Im 28, master student, have some experience with vanilla, and looking to spend full time on dungeon grind in the first days/ week. Im a generally friendly person, easy to get along with, love to mess around and laugh, looking for a similarly friendly group.

    Im planing to play warrior, but also open to others roles such as priest / paladin if needed.

    Im enthusiastic about planing the journey, and willing to put in the effort, but of course I am here to have fun. For me that means to pushing the limits but also to have a nice friendly environment on discord, to get to now each other during gaming.
    Because of this I would also prefer a group / members around 21+ years.

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    Contact me if i dont reply at: ko.tomi69@gmail.com

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