Full 1-10 Undead Rogue Speedrun with Tips for Undead Starting Zone!

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to share my recent Speedrun with you all.
    I think the time is decent - 1h 51m.
    I also think you could be faster when rolling into durotar as a rogue.
    But there are some tips for Tirisfal which I have put down in the description of my video:

    Youtube Video

    Skip the quest "Rattling the rattlecages". There are only a few spawns for the skeletons for so many players.
    Alternatively to make up for the lost experience, grind 15-20 red spiders in the mine.

    As a melee class, you should buy a new weapon in Brill.
    I bought the Stiletto for around 4s. It makes a huge difference.
    Also, buy upgraded throwing weapons.

    Use your throwing weapons. Often. For pulling and damage.

    Get together with someone or a group for Maggot Eye.
    There usually should be someone around

    On level 7 kill Monsters until you have 1850 and completed all of the quest around Maggot Eye (e.g. A new plague, Graverobbers etc.)
    If you go back and turn in all quests, you should be level 8 and can buy Eviscerate lvl 2 (great damage) and Evasion (great for tough situations later).

    Tell me what you think and if you like that kind of content leave a like 🙂

    I'm looking forward on doing more.


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