Leveling Guide - Feedback + Bugs with Asset Types and Links

  • Initiate

    Hey @Navak and @Egregious I am a huge fan, I enjoy watching you guys level on twitch and I really appreciate the hard work you put into the guide on the site. It's really high quality, and easy to use and understand.

    While playing with the guide tonight I noticed that there were some bugs with certain instruction types and the assets that they refer to and ultimately link to. I compiled a list of the things I found. If you need any clarification over this list please hit me up.

    Bug List:

  • Founder Warrior Horde

    Thanks man! We're working on getting the links working properly. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next build.

  • Founder Shaman

    Really appreciate the feedback, man. Thank you. As Navak mentioned, this is an issue of the program reading the DB indicators we used to distinguish items, NPCs, etc. from one another. Fixing this is very high on our priority.

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