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  • Priest Horde

    Leveling guild on the new EU RP-PVP server.

    We might become a Raiding guild (I def wanna RAID myself), but the intention of this guild is to get to 60 in a relax manner with mature people who don't want any big responsibilities.

    I don't want to call myself a GM, simply because we aren't raiding yet.

    I want to set some ground rules, but my main idea is that everyone is so mature there shouldn't be any need of hard rules.

    Again focus will lay on leveling and dungeons from the start.

    The whole RP thing should also be taken with a grain of salt, I rolled RP-PVP in the hope there will be no Legolasses nor childish people with way to big mouths and no feeling of any responsibilities for a fun and helpful time while playing classic.

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