The Classic Armory #1 - Horde Warrior

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    Hello and welcome to my Classic Armory series! Throughout the years of making videos I've always enjoyed making guides, especially ones that revolve around items that you get for your characters. I'm happy to say that with this new series, I'll return to once again bringing you guides on what items to get...this time focusing on what weapons to get from level 1 to 60. Enjoy!

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    I’m Hamsterwheel, a YouTube content creator that focuses mainly on older versions of WoW, including Classic. Making videos has always been a great way for me to let my creativity and fantasy run wild, from coming up with new ideas, to what footage to use. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing as a hobby. When Classic launches, I hope to level together with my friends the same way we did 13 years ago when we were just new to the game. And, I also hope to once again annoy the heck out of people for rolling as a Balance Druid. Check out my Channel: