Six Tips To AVOID Getting Ganked!

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    Pvp is a lot of fun in Classic WoW!.... Getting corpse camped for 2 hours.... not so much. That is why in this video we'll be going over 6 tips to avoid getting ganked!

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    Hi, I’m Platinum! I make Classic/Blizzard related content on YouTube. I focus on making my videos fun, well produced, and the best quality possible! My specialties include video editing and machinima creation. My plan is to produce videos for and play and be one of the cutting edge raiders in Classic.

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    I dunno if you are familiar with the YourMomsHouse podcast with Tom Segura and Christina P, but I did a Warcraft version of a famous dialogue from the show and now every time I see the work ganked, I say it out loud.

    Modified from the "Try It Out" guy, also know as Robert Paul Champagne.

    "L33t orcs that like to gank, and gank good. If you’re a l33t orc and you wanna gank me at 23-95. If you wanna guild invite, you can get in, but you gotta gank me! I need to be ganked a lot, man. Free muffins, free bank space, and everything else man. So here’s the deal man. Orcs from the Stockades, guildless, or you’re a rogue, you wanna get an invite, your friend can get in too man. Free rent, you get a quest and an UBRS key. Gank me, sap me, kick me, I’m in Ogr now. You see me and wanna come over today and try it out? Try it out, man. If you’re in the Inn, Try it out. If you wanna to charge or purge on me. Try it out. Serious applicants only, let’s GANK man. I’m looking for hardcore orcs that mean it, wanna do it, and I wanna deliver it. I’m a fbuh HoT, green-trash, dagger dump. Let’s Duel!

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