[A] <Unity> | Pagle | Semi-Hardcore | Tu/Th +Sun 8-10PM EST

  • Initiate

    Welcome to Unity!

    • Unity is Semi-Hardcore; we’ll raid MC/Ony on week five and split raid progress-to-farm content, from MC to Naxx.

    • Raid activities are 8-10PM EST Tu/Th +Sun (progression only) +Onyxia lockouts

    • No DKP. No Loot Council. We use a zero-sum, effort-based, and spec focused system.

    Any spec can join Unity, but our progression 40m has a target comp - if you want a spot in the core team, please claim one of the following spots:

    1x Warrior OT
    2x 2H Fury Warrior
    6x DW Fury Warrior
    3x Holy Priest
    1x Shadow Priest
    4x Holy Paladin
    1x Feral Tank
    1x Resto Druid
    5x Warlocks
    3x Rogues
    5x Mages
    1x Hunters

    More info on our loot system and raids can be found on our gdoc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1paV0ucp6QXGZOPKdC2AIM1uxg_fAiIH7JUsf8BcP97M/edit?usp=sharing

    Join the Discord (in the gdoc) or simply PST Praetoria or Semila on launch day for a /ginvite.

    See you in Pagle at Classic WoW Launch!

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