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    First of all, I want to thank you guys for putting in all the hard work to make the website and the guide so great. I know stuff like that is a lot of work and I can tell you that you are doing a great job!

    Here is some Feedback for the Guide


    1. The links to do not work [fixed]
    2. Some coordinates on the Data are wrong (reported to Navak)
    3. Some steps do not displayed as the right Asset Type (see Tims post)
    4. The guide stops at around level 10 atm (reported to ayle on dc)


    1. Coloring or mark the class quests
    2. Implement a way to save the progress
    3. Implement a way to select different leveling areas or level ranges
    4. Implement some kind of "marks" on the map itself for the area where the quest mobs are for example
    5. Improve the map quality to maybe see the coordinates on the map or to zoom in to get a better idea to where to find certain things
    6. Implement pictures of the actual in-game characters at the different steps
    7. Implement pictures on steps where you talk about "raptor heaven" or "esport shortcut" and so on
    8. Implement a way to report bugs on the different steps in the guide itself

    I hope you can take something from these suggestions. I will keep testing it and update the post as soon if I find something 🙂

  • Initiate

    1. Implementing a feature to turn on/off steps for professions

  • Founder Warrior Horde

    Thanks! I love the idea to implement pictures for some of the tricky Go steps. We're about to implement pictures for NPCs and had plans to implement pictures for game objects next. I'll just add Go steps to that list.

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