• Initiate

    Elwynn Foresters are an EU based English speaking Alliance guild, focussed on fostering a close community catering for all styles of play.

    Want to go terrorise some Horde in world PVP? We were thinking the same thing!

    Want to join a premade BG? Saddle up, let’s do this!

    Got a life? Maybe a partner and kids you secretly resent and so can’t play as much as you’d like? We understand!

    Want to raid with friends but have fun whilst doing it? So do we!

    Need help getting attuned for the next raid? Teamwork makes the dream work!

    We’re a bunch of active players that like to have a laugh whilst helping and supporting one another in pursuit of our gaming goals. We have been waiting patiently on looks around nervously for spies and snitches private servers for the release of classic wow and we’re super excited to get stuck in.

    Why not come say hi on our discord and see if you want to join us on our next adventure in Azeroth.

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